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Tokenized Real Estate in Croatia:
A New Way to Invest and Own Property

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How does it work?

Tokenizing Real Estate Made Easy: Our Step-by-Step Process

Tokenization Process

We identify a property for tokenization, determine its value and decide how it will be divided into token units. We set up a smart contract on a blockchain platform to outline the terms of the tokenization.

Financing and Construction

We issue the tokens and make them available for purchase through crowdfunding campaigns or through a private sale. We use the funds for the construction process.

Return of Investment

We manage the maintenance and marketing of the property, and when the property is sold, the proceeds are distributed to the token holders in proportion to their ownership stake.

Tokenization provides increased liquidity and accessibility in the real estate market, as investors can buy and sell fractions of a property rather than having to purchase the entire asset.

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A New Way to Invest and Own Property